Lowongan Terbaru di Bank HSBC

Posted: 31 Januari 2009 in Blogroll

Operation/Support team handles the daily tasks in the management process of the bank, from process improvement to procedural and system solution.

Support comprises of : 1 Finance
Diverse of financial specialist as an advisors to our business in enabling development and growth
2 Treasury Operation
Treasury operations provide superior service, fully integrated solutions and 24-hour global markets coverage. Our support framework is substantial. Our advanced technologies deliver quick access to key markets
3 Business Transformation
Manages outsourcing, organization restructuring, centralization and process improvement
4 Network Service Center
Responsible in delivering professional and consistent high quality and effective value added operational support services and advice on all operational aspects to the Business Groups
5 Banking Operation
As we continue to centralize our banking operations processes, this team plays a vital role in coordinating between the front line and back office processing professions with a sound understanding of manufacturing management techniques.
6 Corporate Real Estate
Small team of core specialist providing professional advice to our business leaders
7 Business Security (BSE)
The important role of physical security guarding and protection against financial crime
8 Service & Admin
This team providing services to business needs like purchasing and general affairs
9 Human Resource
This team play a vital role as a business partner providing services to bank for staff management
10 Organization Risk Control (ORC)
Small team providing audit services for banking operation

Catatan :

– Semua lowongan di atas hanya apply via online

– Untuk apply silahkan kunjungi http://www.hsbc.co.id/1/2/miscellaneous_en_US/careers_en_US/available-list/Support

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